Corporate Values

The philosophy of the Financo Group is the result of a family business tradition based on excellence of products and services offered, the use of technologies, a corporate organization made up of skilled and experienced staff , as well as time-honored  know how.

Relationships with stakeholders, based on involvement and dialogue, are at the core of this philosophy: advanced results can be in fact achieved thanks to knowledge and cultural exchange between the different actors of every  community. An entrepreneurial approach  based on sustainability.


The Financo Group contributes to improve the conditions of communities where it operates and to make them more livable, thus creating economic, cultural and social value. The companies of the Group are constantly engaged in the two challenges represented by decarbonization of global markets, with the goal to be the leaders and forerunners of innovations in industrial policies, organization and work methods.


Sustainability and the ethical dimension of entrepreneurial action are the values, which have characterized the Group since the very beginning. Our commitment to environmental awareness and occupational safety has resulted in important investments made in personnel training and improvement of production plants, with a constant focus on scientific and technological progress. 

Code of Ethics

The Financo Group, to be meant as  Financo SRL in its capacity as  Parent Company and its subsidiaries, has adopted a Code of Ethics where the guiding principles are the full  compliance with the law and applicable regulations/standards , within a framework of integrity, fairness and confidentiality. The search for competitiveness on the reference markets is pursued by fulfilling regulations on competition and encourages proper and functional implementation of resources , in view of social, economic and environmental protection.


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